Joshua Wilson is a New York based software engineer.

From 2016 to 2018, Josh worked at Enigma Technologies where he built data-intensive applications for fortune 50 enterprises. His role gradually shifted to building a new team, called "Envoy", that was responsible for integrating Enigma's data products into, and across, extremely diverse IT landscapes.

In 2014 he founded DoubleDoss Labs, which focuses on product development for early stage startups. He's launched websites, built a couple mobile apps, processed a bunch of data, and advised entrepreneurs under this name.

From 2011 to 2015, Josh worked at Hudson River Trading where he built global trading and risk systems and worked on a variety of projects ranging from data visualizations to internal tooling to devops.

Josh holds a M.S. in Physics from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC. There he researched computational and analytical solutions to nonlinear PDEs and, more generally, scientific computing. Josh also holds a B.A. in Physics and Computer Science from Hendrix College in Conway, AR.

Josh grew up in a house full of tools, ever-changing hobbies, and DIY attitudes that shaped how he approaches his work today.

Enigma Technologies

Engineering Manager, Envoy
Sr. Software Engineer, Data
New York, NY
2016 - 2018

General Assembly

Data Science Graduate
New York, NY


Software Engineer, Mobile
New York, NY

DoubleDoss Labs

New York, NY
2014 - present

Hudson River Trading

Software Engineer, Operations
New York, NY
2011 - 2015

University of North Carolina

Graduate Research Assistant
Laboratory Instructor
Chapel Hill, NC
2008 - 2010

Hendrix College

Orientation Coordinator
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Physics & Math Tutor & TA
Conway, AR
2005 - 2008

S&J Wedding Website #2

This time around the "S&J" are my wife and I! This site's purpose was mostly to highlight my wife's amazing artwork and share some basic details about our big day. I was able to repurpose most of the code from #1. Why pay for a cookiecutter website builder when you can do it yourself for free?

Unsupervised pocket article clustering that integrates with diffbot for most of the data collection. The final project of an eleven week data science course I took at general assembly. All of the code can be found on github.

S&J Wedding Website #1

S&J had some unique ideas in mind for their wedding website that generic wedding website builders could not do for them. I used a mean stack and integrated Auth0 on top of it to provide a custom login for each of their guests.

A hybrid mobile app built using the best hybrid mobile tech available in early 2015 (e.g. angular 1.x, ionic 1.0, flask, pouchdb). I'm doubtful if those would be the best choice today - mobile moves fast. Complemented www.tripexpert.com. For iOS and Android.


Simple static website deployment from the command line. An experiment that used Flask, Google App Engine, and Google Datastore. Mostly useless, except for sharing the ocassional reveal.js presentation.


An object oriented framework for solving and analyzing PDE that grew organically out of my graduate thesis. The goal of the framework was to abstract away the mechanics so the researcher could spend more time focusing on solutions. The code can be found on github.